Scooter Braun Burning Justin Bieber Out—Pushing Too Hard

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Justin Bieber appears to be coming apart at the seams. After a breakup, a series of nasty and reportedly violent outbursts and partying hard, Justin’s reputation has taken a major hit. What would cause a guy to change so drastically in just a matter of months?

It couldn’t be the fact that Justin is 19 and filthy rich with the world at his feet. It must be his manager’s fault. Scooter Braun may be responsible for the downward spiral that Justin appears to be caught in with no signs of escaping.

Unfortunately for Justin, fame is fleeting, which means the cash flow the “Boyfriend” singer brings in will eventually cease. In show business, the creed is to strike while the iron is hot. Justin is on a world tour performing almost every night in a different city cashing in on his fame and making some people, including Scooter, very rich.

It is pretty evident Justin is being pushed or possibly pushing himself too hard. He is close to burning out. He needs a break before he completely snaps and does something that could destroy his life and career. Why aren’t the people who supposedly care about Justin insisting he take a break? Reschedule some concert dates and give the kid a nice, paparazzi-free vacation.

At Disney Dreaming, a poll has been set up to ask fans who is truly responsible for overworking Justin Bieber. Right now, Scooter is shouldering the blame by a small margin. What do you think? Is it Justin or Scooter’s fault?

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