Scott Brown daughters available, jokes new US Senator

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So is it true, both of Scott Brown’s daughter’s available for dating?  The words “for anyone watching around the country, they’re both available” were offered last night by Scott Brown during his acceptance speech.  This came fresh on the heels of Brown’s MA election victory Tuesday night.  Both daughters were a bit embarrassed and shocked at their dad’s public announcement, and he soon recanted the statement, saying his daughter Arianna isn’t available, but Ayla is. 

Scott Brown’s daughter Ayla, age 20 this July, is of course famous in her own regard.  She was a contestant on American Idol back in 2005 and reached the Top 16.  In addition, she plays womens college basketball for Big East’s Boston College Eagles.  Although her scoring average is under 10 a game, she shoots well, and is quite the student athlete.  Sports Illustrated recognized her in 2008 as a top sports intern in the pages of its magazine.  Her blond sister, Arianna is a competitive equestrian and pre-medical student at Syracuse University.

Outspoken radio show personality Glenn Beck even offered the idea that maybe this statement made by Brown could be a potential problem down the road.  “I want a chastity belt on this man. I want his every move watched in Washington,” Beck said. “This one could end with a dead intern.”

Both of Scott Browns daughters aren’t available, but both are quite beautiful and talented.  While Arianna is taken, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see Ayla single for much longer, with her fame as a student athlete, aspiring singer, and now the daughter of the man who could change things for the nation.

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