Scott Disick Leaves Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian ‘Miserable and Alone’!

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It looks like Kourtney Kardashian and baby daddy Scott Disick are having more relationship problems. Scott is “torturing” the four-months-pregnant Kourtney with “his single-guy ways” and “shockingly bad behavior” that reduces her to tears, In Touch (via is reporting.

Scott makes mean jokes about Kourtney’s pregnancy weight — calling her “Portney,” a play on “portly” — and even mocked her during a recent night out.

“Scott was picking on her, making fun of her weight,” an “insider” dishes to the mag. “He even told the waiter that she would have ‘a side of beef.'”

Kourtney apparently thought a second child would help him mature, but instead he ditches her to party, like when he left her on Jan. 27 to attend a nightclub opening in Las Vegas.

“They had a fight, so Scott jumped on a plane and left her behind,” a “source” tells In Touch.

And it’s not just Scott’s immaturity that worries Kourtney — she also thinks he might only be with her for money!

“He’s even tried to go behind her back to negotiate his own deal for rights to the baby’s first photos,” another source tells the mag. “It’s like all their baby is to him is another opportunity to cash in [editor’s note: he obviously learned that from the Kardashians, so Kourtney really can’t complain!].”

But despite Scott’s bad behavior, immaturity and greed, Kourtney won’t leave him.

“She can’t break up with him while she’s pregnant,” In Touch‘s source says. “Scott gets whatever he wants because he knows she won’t leave him. Kourtney won’t learn.”

There’s certainly some element of truth to In Touch‘s report — when Mason was born, it was reported that Scott tried to wrangle a big contract for the baby to appear on the Kardashians’ reality shows and it backfired, so he could definitely be trying the same thing for the second child. But is Scott just another “villain” for the Kardashians’ reality shows? By now, if he were really this much of a scumbag, Kourtney should have left him. Sure, he’s her kids’ father, but there’s a limit to what someone should put up with. So there’s probably a good chance that he’s just an ass when the cameras are rolling because it’s good TV, and in reality he and Kourtney are actually pretty happy. But if he is a huge douche, Kourtney should get a clue and walk out. Just think of all the storylines the Kardashians would get out of Kourtney being a single mom!

What do you think? Should Kourtney Kardashian leave Scott Disick? Is his bad behavior just an act for TV? Sound off in the comments!

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