Scott Disick Wanted for ‘American Psycho’ Movie Remake

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Scott Disick is one of the top choices for an American Psycho movie remake.

Fans of the Kardashians’ shows have often pointed out how much Scott resembles Christian Bale’s serial killer character in the original movie – he slicks his hair back in a similar way, and his style (which includes tying sweaters around his neck) resembles that of an 80s yuppie. There’s no word on if he’s a fan of Huey Lewis and the News, however.

There was even a whole episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami dedicated to Khloe Kardashian trashing Scott for being a sociopath with the eyes of a serial killer.

Being compared to a sociopathic serial killer might seem pretty harsh, but it could pay off in a big way for Scott Disick – author Bret Easton Ellis tweeted a warning to Lionsgate that he will not approve a remake of American Psycho unless Scott or Final Destination 5 star Miles Fisher gets cast as narcissist Patrick Bateman.

Scott was very aware of how much he resembles the character obsessed with perfection – before Easton made his casting choices, he wrote on Twitter, “Just heard there doing a remake of American Psycho! best news i have ever heard! i hope they call me! (sic).”

Bret Easton Ellis also tweeted that Scott Disick probably has no idea who he is, to which the reality show star replied, “I know just who u r!” Judging from how excited Scott was when hearing about the remake, it does kind of make you wonder if he’s modeled his whole persona after Patrick Bateman.

Sometimes Scott does seem more like he’s putting on an act and playing the villain for the Kardashian shows, so maybe he really could play the part in the remake. He’d be the second member of the Kardashian clan to snag a role in a major movie – Kim Kardashian recently worked on The Marriage Counselor with Tyler Perry.

So would Kardashian fans help make an American Psycho remake a hit? If Kim Kardashian gets cast as one of serial killer’s victims, they wouldn’t be the only ones shelling out a little cash to catch the film. After all, what better publicity could you get than promising a scene that shows Scott Disick killing Kim Kardashian with a chainsaw?

Check out the trailer for the original movie below.

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