Scott Roeder Tiller Killer Gets maximum: Life in Prison.

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Scott Roeder is to be sentenced today for the killing of abortion Doctor George Tiller in Kansas. Doctor Tiller was in church when Scott Roeder came in and just killed Dr. Tiller.

Scott Roeder has been nicknamed Tiller Killer. Scott Roeder was angry with Dr. George Tiller for performing late term abortions. Dr. Tiller was one of the few doctors in the United States to perform the late term abortions and has been threatened before, but this time Scott Roeder did succeed in killing Dr. Tiller.

Scott Roeder will be sentenced today and will probably receive life in prison, but will then, be eligible for parole.

Scott Roeder showed no signs of remorse over the killing of Doctor Tiller, and the Tiller Killer is hailed by some nuts as a hero. In saving the lives of babies Scott Roeder took a life. Our country is not a country of killers and one killing does not justify the killing of another.

Scott Roeder received the maximum of Life in Prison and won’t be eligible for parole for 50 years making him 102.

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