Scott Stapp Stays True in Self-Revealing Memoir, and as Standard-Bearer for Creed’s Legacy

Scott Stapp has a mission for truth. Through his soul-piercing lyrics in “My Own Prison,” with its “cry out to God” that cried out to millions of fans, he brought his band, Creed, to a near-decade reign atop the rock music world, fueling the charts and filling arenas with kindred spirits who knew all too well those same feelings of holding to faith, but feeling unheard, of seeing the darkness in the world, but yearning to be a personal hand of hope. The lyricist and lead singer faced his own struggles with personal and professional self-reclamation and sobriety through the years in between Creed’s break-up and reformation in 2009, echoed again in his lyrics, “guess my reflection had a lot to say,” and the themes of forgiveness, faith, and accountability that weave through his words on Full Circle served as a healing balm for the band and fans who never pulled up stakes. In Sinner’s Creed, his memoir released October 2, Stapp serves up truth again, still from the heart, but this time, not in rhyme, or backed with raucous riffs.

Never much for skirting issues or two-stepping the tough questions, Stapp revealed early that he realized “candy coating or sugar coating wouldn’t work.” The writer knows the liberation and yet the laceration that his quest for openness brings. “It’s a double-edged sword,” he admits, “in life it’s been one of my greatest strengths, but it’s also something that’s hurt me. It’s the point at which my art and creation comes from.” Scott wants his story to be something that readers will find themselves in, from his strict childhood to suicide attempts to finding his voice in music and his way back to his spiritual center and a healed and whole life. Lessons learned are offered, but no poison pen pricks. “I know you connect because we’ve all been through this,” reflects his vision

Fans are ready for that creativity to keep flowing, as Creed launches the second leg of their 2012 tour in North Carolina this Friday, and Stapp’s frequent expressions of gratitude to fans, along with the far reaches of venues stretching from Canada, across the U.S., and even to Alaska this stint, feed their passion and his own, as he recently wrote it was easy to keep passion for the band that is a “symbol for my life” in a reply. Touring is on through September, and then the book takes his focus, along with writing for a new Creed project. This frontman clearly cares not only about his own and Creed’s legacy, but even more for the hearts and lives of the many whose lives are infused and transformed by that living and lasting legacy. Whether on the page or under the stage lights, Scott Stapp writes words that matter.

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