Scott Van Duzer’s Business Gets Negative Reviews from Angry Republicans, Internet Fights Back.

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Republicans claim to be all for free speech and small business, but when Scott Van Duzer gave President Obama a bear hug yesterday, outraged bigots decided to do their best to destroy his business. That’s right. When Democrats get angry and boycott a business for donating to a cause that seeks to deny the rights of certain members of the population, they are infringing on free speech. But when someone shows support for a president they don’t like? They get up in arms and call for everyone to ruin his business!

Sounds legit. After all, homosexuals aren’t really full members of society, right? This is just one more example of the extreme right-wing idiocracy that’s ruling the party. Today, one day after Van Duzer lifted the president off his feet in a show of great enthusiasm, anti-Obama Teapublicans began to leave negative feedback on his Yelp profile.

For those who don’t know, Yelp is a business review site. Normally, you’re only supposed to review businesses you’ve patronized. If you go to a coffee shop and get lousy service, you write it up on the company’s Yelp profile. Even doctors and hospitals have Yelp profiles so people can make sure the office they go to for care isn’t staffed by a quack.

However, it appears that negative reviews of the business are getting taken down by Yelp as fast as they go up, since many of them originally screen capped are no longer visible. All that’s left now are the positive reviews, most of them showing support for the owner. One man wrote, “Politics in pizza really this country is in a sad state where people are willing to demote a small business they have never been to because the owner was brave enough to cross party lines in order to vote for who he beleaved [sic] to be best…”

If those Republicans who posted negative reviews of Scott Van Duzer’s Big Apple Pizza & Pasta really cared about freedom of speech and supporting small businesses, they wouldn’t call for the destruction of one man’s business just because he supports a president they hate.

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