Scottie Pippen and Wife Larsa: Will ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Affect Their Marriage?

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Scottie Pippen, the long time Chicago Bull superstar, has now entered the wonderful world of reality TV, by default that is. Pippen’s hot-to-trot wife Larsa will be joining the “Real Housewive’s of Miami” cast.

If you’re not a regular viewer of the show, this will be the seventh season of the Real Housewives series of programs. They have had Real Housewives shows focusing on Orange County, New York City and Atlanta among others. It seems that Real Housewives has taken on a life of its own!

According to Bravo :

Following stops in Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C., and Beverly Hills, The Real Housewives of Miami premieres on February 22 at 10/9c, highlighting six of the most connected and influential women in that cultural hotspot.

They go on to list the new “stars” of the show, and in their bio for Larsa Pippen state that, “This bold, brash Lebanese beauty and wife of NBA superstar Scottie Pippen has been called ‘the hottest NBA wife.'”

Larsa undoubtedly leads a mighty fine life! Having a husband who made millions in the NBA sure doesn’t hurt!

The Miami version also will feature another former NBA player’s ex-wife. Cristy Rice is the ex to former Miami Heat player Glen Rice.  The two posed in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue together. Unfortunately Rice made headlines after he allegedly roughed up a guy he found hiding in her closet when they were estranged.

Can’t blame a guy for being upset when he finds someone hiding in a closet can you? Battery charges were later dropped.

Will this move affect the relationship between Scottie Pippen and his wife? Sometimes starring in reality television shows can back fire on a couple. Is reality TV really a good thing? Reality TV did introduce us to Jon and Kate, and it doesn’t seem like that went too well.

Pippen made headlines last year when a judge awarded him 2 million dollars in a jet plane purchase that went south. It had him in tears! All in all it is reported that the Pippens lost $120 million in career earnings due to poor investments and financial planning. Ouch!

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