scouting for food in APRIL

does everyone know this is scouting for food month??

the boy & cub scouts every year collect non perishable food for the under prevlidged to donate to local food banks.

Since my son was in 1st grade we have been involved in this great activity.  today was the day to pick up the items from the local neighborhood.  collections today have been a lot smaller than in the past.  2 wks ago they put plastic bags with info as to when they would be picked up to over 200 homes.   

I know things are tight right now for everyone, and soon the mail carriers in the area will be having thier food drive, but i hoped everyone would be able to spare a little.

I usually go to sams or costco and purchase cases of veges and powdered milk for the scouts.  this year i did something a little different, when i went grocery i picked up bag a flour/box popcorn/jello boxes/ 3 cans tomatoes/ pkg drink boxes/ 2 jars salsa/ pudding mixes/ and brownie mix.

I think if when anyone goes shopping add an extra box or can to your order.  they extra you spend won't be much but it will be greatly be appreciated by those that need.

When any of the boys leave a bag on you door handle or hang on your mailbox, please remember they are just trying to help others.  It doesn't have to be a lot, remember if everyone donates 1 item, it will help those in need.

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