“Scream” and Scream Again: Wes Craven To Direct “Scream 4″ with Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Not to be outdone by the news that Mike Myers is writing Austin Powers 4, director Wes Craven today confirms that he’ll direct Scream 4, the much-awaited (?) next entry in the profitable horror/spoof series.

The first Scream came out in 1996 and seemed to promise a new golden age for horror movies, as well as Major Movie Star status for Neve Campbell, Courteeney Cox and David Arquette. Instead, today we’re stuck with endless Saw sequels, Cox in Cougar Town, and Campbell and Arquette doing whatever it is they’ve been doing since Scream 3 in 2000.

Also back is screenwriter Kevin Williamson, the Dawson’s Creek scribe who likewise was supposed to go to bigger and better things. After directing Teaching Mrs. Tingle and giving the world The Vampire Diaries, he’s now working on a remake of the Steve Guttenberg classic The Bedroom Window and now this. Sigh.



Kevin Williamson (left) and Wes Craven announce Craven’s involvement with “Scream 4″ via these Twitter photos. With luck the film itself will not also be shot in Craven’s den.


Craven’s next film, My Soul to Take (about — get this! a serial killer) is due out later this year. Scream 4 is scheduled for April 12, 2011. By which time another two or three Jason Voorhees films should have come and gone…

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