Sculpture By the Sea ~ Part 1

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Friday found Mag and I riding over to Cottesloe Beach for the eighth annual exhibition, Sculpture by the Sea.  The free exhibit will run from March 1st till March 19th.  Can you just imagine over 70 sculptures from artists across Australia and the world on display with one of Western Australia’s most beautiful beaches as a backdrop.  When we arrived at the beach, we thought we might have trouble finding parking….but we lucked out and was able to park near the Cottesloe Lifesaving Complex.  it was quite the festive affair with people from all age groups roaming through the parklike grounds as well as the beach area looking at art.





Deborah Helpern (Vic) “ship of fools”


What I found most interesting was seeing all the many school groups in uniform from the surrounding Perth area visiting the Exhibit.  Yes, throughout Australia, public school children wear uniforms and when they are outside, they wear floppy hats.  And yes, both Mag and I wear big floppy hats at the beach to protect us from the UV rays.   I noticed that many had clipboards and as they traveled with their chaperones from one sculpture to the next, they were recording their impressions or answering questions about the piece.  Later, I learned that teachers could download an Education Kit for either primary or secondary students. Teachers were also given an inservice professional day to learn about the various artists, their sculptures and followup activities they could do back in the classroom.


Paul Kaplein (WA) “in the endless pauses, there came a sound”


Melanie Maclou, entomophily, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2012.



Tony Jones, lighthouse, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2012


Mitsuo Takeyuchi (Japan) “transfiguration unite”



What looks like “a bunker” is really a sculpture by Alexandra Rossi called “comfort zone”.


Peter Tilly (NSW) “many rivers to cross”

Thomas de Monk Kerkmeer “it’s a bird”

Chen Wenling (China) “childhood morning”


We return to Cottesloe in the next photo/essay Sculpture by the Sea ~ Part 2.

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