"Sea Urchin" Pasta

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lol…Sumner…when you pick a fresh sea urchin from the ocean and not under the frige…  :)  you'll find little tiny red eggs like Caviar very sweet and mixed with fresh plum tomato sauce makes for a delicious condiment for pasta, in Japan a dish like this goes for around $20 and up, in sicily it's free if you know were to fish them fresh.


Freshly picked from the bottom of the Mediterranean ocean, we kept them covered in algea to keep them alive while taking them home.






fileId:3096224744106922;size:inter;Manila clams and soft pieces of sea urchin add a distinctive flavor to a white wine sauce enriched with more sea urchin roe. Red sea urchins are also harvested from the deep waters of the northern Channel Islands, off Santa Barbara. The best roe is judged by its color — from dark yellow to pumpkin-y orange.



A 'riccio' is a hedgehog in Italian. A 'riccio al mare' is a sea hedgehog or in other words a sea urchin.

You'll need 50 of them to prepare a dish to satisfy 4 people.

It is a dish which can be prepared very quickly and one with a rich natural sauce.

A word of warning, however. It is important to distinguish between the masculine and feminine sea urchins.

The former are black and flat while the latter are a rounded with a reddy brown color. As we are eating the eggs of the sea urchin it is the females we want to get hold of.


50 sea urchins, (clams optional) garlic, parsley, peproncino, 400g of tagliolini or spaghetti, white wine, olive oil, salt to taste

making it

Once the urchins have been collected they should be cut open with a pair of scissors, literally cutting the hard shell into two to greach the fleshy bit inside.

 With a spoon the egg of the female urchin should then be scooped out and placed inside a glass container.

When all 50 have been done turn the eggs with the olive oil, parsley and a pinch of salt.

Bring a pot of water to the boil and cook the tagliolini pasta.

To one side heat more olive oil, peperoncino, white wine and garlic in a frying pan.

Just as the garlic is turning a yellow color the pasta should be ready to drain and be added to the pan.

Toss to cover all the pasta and then turn it out into a serving dish.

Add the sea urchins eggs and lightly toss again.



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