Seagal Claims FBI Ruined Career: Reality Check

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Yesterday, actor Steven Seagal, star of such monumental films as "Fire Down Below", issued a statement that the FBI ruined his career by insinuating he had ties to organized crime, by associating with a known Mafioso. 

This stems from an incident five years ago, in which he was accused, although never charged, with intimidating a reporter. Apparantly, someone left a note saying "STOP" on her windshield.  At the time the reporter was investigating Seagal and a former business partner. 

He states now, that he wants a public apology from the FBI. He further adds that being linked to organized crime scares off studios from hiring him.

There is a hilarious write up on this very topic on "Crime


The Mafia link  certainly didn't hurt Frank Sinatra's career, or Dean Martin's, or any one of the "rat pack" back in the sixties. 


Could it be that ole Stephen couldn't act his way out of a wet paper sack on his best day?

Or perhaps that his martial arts moves just aren't the same after gaining about 70 pounds? 

Or maybe his history of being a prima donna on the set?


Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed a few of his flicks, mainly because many of them had an underlying theme of ecology in one way or another, but to state his career was ruined because of ties to organized crime?

That is more baloney than ole Steve could eat in one sitting. 











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