Seahawk Golden Tate busted for chasing donuts

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The list stories of athletes breaking the law features all kinds of tales ranging from poor judgement to flat out stupidity. It’s easy to assume that professional athletes have found just about every way to break the law, but Seahawks’ rookie receiver Golden Tate may have found a new and creative way to get into trouble.

Tate and a friend were busted for trespassing in his apartment complex at 3 a.m. last weekend (not a first for an athlete or non-athlete by any stretch). The catch is he was busted for attempting to steal maple bars from the bakery on the first floor of Tate’s building.

The former Notre Dame star justified the blunder by saying the maple bars are “irresistible.” His coach Pete Carroll agreed with Tate’s characterization of the sweets, and Golden’s less than golden decision will apparently not result in any reprimand from the police or the Seahawks.

There was no word on whether Tate managed to suck down a maple bar or two before he got caught.

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