Sean “Diddy” Combs Talks “Sexting,” Gold, Brett Favre, And Football With David Letterman

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Last night Sean “Diddy” Combs walked onto David Letterman’s stage wearing quite a bit of gold, holding a big glass of something and had a jump in his step. Sean was in a good mood, possibly because of whatever was in his glass.

Letterman admired all of the gold including the gold on the rapper’s bottom row of teeth, a huge gold wrist watch, and a gold chain around his neck. Combs said that when you come from where he came from and eventually can buy things like the watch, you buy it.

Then the two started to discuss Brett Favre and how he was supposed to have sent pictures of his private parts to a sports reporter. Letterman admitted that he didn’t know how to take pictures with his cell phone. Sean then proceeded to explain how to go about “sexting” bragging that he was the “perfect spokesman” for it and that he was a “sex-texter” himself.

Combs also defended Favre by saying that he has every right to send out pictures like that. Sean even showed Letterman the best position to hold the cell phone to get your “size and width” to look larger. Dave said that he didn’t want to see a picture of his.

After Letterman coughed a bit in embarrassment, Combs said that they should change the topic. The singer then spoke about how his son was a football player at school and that one day Sean will be the first Black owner of a professional football team.

Sean Combs proved that he is a man who can talk with experience about anything, from rapping to “sexting” to football.

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