Sean Kingston Not Dead: Full Recovery Expected in 6 Weeks

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Sean Kingston did not die after crashing his jet ski in to a bridge over the weekend. In fact, it is now being reported that he is expected to make a full recovery in about six weeks! The Beautiful Girls singer has been in the hospital since the accident, and details have surfaced a little at a time. The latest news is by far the best that people have heard yet.

“[His] injuries Sean Kingston Shout Awardsshould be healed in about six weeks. [He] suffered a broken jaw, fractured wrist, and water in his lungs,” CNN reports. This is excellent news, as no one really knew how bad his injuries were and if he would actually make it. With an early report claiming that he was dead, people have been searching for updates daily. Now they know that he is going to be okay.

The female passenger who was on the back of Kingston’s jet ski has released a few details about what actually happened when they crashed in to the bridge. Speed was definitely a factor while alcohol was not. Both of them are very lucky to be alive, and fans of Kingston will be relieved to know that he is going to be alright.

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