Sean Kingston Was Vomiting Blood After Jetski Crash, According to Eyewitness

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More details are being released about the horrific jetski crash that injured Sean Kingston. Now, Sean’s rescuer is telling about his eyewitness encounter, and tells how Sean was vomiting blood as he tried to assist him.

Rescuer Jonathan Rivera was spending the day on his boat when he saw the accident scene. He states that he saw Sean and the woman passenger floating in the water. The woman was wearing a life jacket, but Sean’s had fallen off. Rivera stated that he did his best to keep Kingston’s head above water until police arrived, which proved difficult since Sean was “convulsing and throwing up blood,” but Rivera claims that he didn’t notice any obvious head injuries.

Police eventually arrived on the scene, pulled Sean out of the water and rushed him to waiting paramedics, who transported him to the hospital.

Sean Kingston was lucky that his rescuer was a trained professional. Jonathan Rivera is a member of the Coast Guard and must have had training in water rescues. In an interview he stated, “Regardless of whether I was in the Coast Guard, I would have still jumped off to help him. He needed help.”

Although it’s a horrible tragedy that Kingston was badly injured in the crash, maybe this will help to remind folks that jetskis can be extremely dangerous, and should be driven with care. Here’s hoping that Kingston will make a full and speedy recovery.

You can view the entire interview of Jimmy Vega, Jonathan Rivera’s friend who was with him at the time, here.

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