Sean Lowe Is Not Really a Virgin

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Since Sean Lowe started as The Bachelor stories have been going around that he is a virgin. The rumors have been going around that he is a sexy virgin and has never had sex at all, but that is simply not true at all. Sean is what they call a born again virgin.

Reality Steve is confirming that Sean has had sex and it was while he was in college. He just isn’t doing it now and is saving himself for marriage for the next time that he does it. That should be a great spoiler on what happens in the fantasy suites next week on the show.

US Weekly even put on the cover that Sean Lowe was a virgin, but then they went on to say that he isn’t in the story inside. They wanted to explain that he is just now a born again virgin and is saving himself now.

Are you shocked that these stories are confusing? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Sean and his virginity.

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