Sean Penn to Scarlett Johansson – Lose Weight & Stop Drinking

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Scarlett Johansson has moved in with BF Sean Penn, and now he is trying to make her over to his own specifications. The pair have been seen fighting over it all, since File:Scarlett Johansson in Kuwait 01b-tweaked.jpghe wants her to stop drinking and smoking, and to lose weight. Wow! Is he her mom?

Apparently Scarlett Johansson is a tad sensitive on the subject, since she feels she would like to lose a bit of weight, but does not want to be told to. Not by Sean Penn or anyone else! Nothing unusual there. ThatÂ’s how most women feel, most of the time. Still, Star magazine, as HollywoodLife quotes, says Scarlet Johansson has been training hard for her role in The Avengers and she is looking thinner than ever, so why would he be attacking her now? It does not bode well for the relationship.

Sean Penn wants her to go on a lifestyle change. “Sean’s urging Scarlett to go on a health kick, which she’s taken personally since she’s touchy about being heavier than she’d like,” a source closFile:Seanpenn1.jpge to the celeb reported. Ok, there is nothing at all wrong with going on a health kick, dropping weight, and giving up (or cutting back) on smoking and drinking.

Wait a minute! How do you lose weight and stop smoking at the same time? IsnÂ’t that almost impossible? Poor Scarlett.

The biggest point is—those are life choices, and no one gets to make them for you. A boyfriend/lover/husband who pushes too hard is several steps down the road to abusive. Take note, Scarlett Johansson. Maybe it’s time to run. Not around the gym, but away from Sean Penn.


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