Seaside Heights Roller Coaster Could Remain in Ocean as Tourist Attraction

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Seaside Heights may have just inherited a new tourist attraction. The roller coaster that was once a major attraction on the city’s destroyed boardwalk, was washed into the ocean during Hurricane Sandy. According to Mayor Bill Akers, it may just stay there.

Reconstruction of the damaged boardwalk is slated to begin in January and is scheduled to be done by Memorial Day. However, that big roller coaster’s fate is unknown. Apparently, Mayor Akers has got some phone calls out with various agencies in an attempt to determine whether or not the eerie sight can remain as “a great tourist attraction.”

The Coast Guard is just one of the agencies looking into the idea. In the meantime, the coaster remains as is, semi-submerged in the Atlantic ocean. Is it a little strange to leave such a reminder hanging about? It may seem a little morbid, especially to those who lost loved ones and property during the massive storm.

What do you think? Should Seaside Heights leave the roller coaster in the ocean? What happens if there is another big storm? Is it really a good idea to leave such a monstrous structure in the ocean, so close to shore? Sounds risky, but it could bring in some cash flow for the hurting city.

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