Seaside Village on Full UFO Alert Following Sightings of Lights in Night Sky (Video)

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The New Year has barely begun and UFO sightings are flooding in from all over the world.

Greg Smith, a businessman from Cardwell, a seaside village in Australia, turned into a believer of unidentified flying objects as he and his son watched lights flying above their heads for a solid 15 minutes. He is convinced that what they saw were flying crafts from another planet.

According to the Townsville Bulletin, Mr. Smith and his son were shaken as they viewed the strange lights from the front of the Lyndoch Motel on the highway towards the northern end of the town.

“There were two large orange lights. There was no beam and no noise. It was absolutely silent and they were moving slowly across the sky towards the northwest. We couldn’t tell if the lights were from one or two machines. At first we thought they were over buildings between the highway and the beach, but other people said they were just out over the water,” he said.

At first, the witness thought that what he saw were one or two helicopters, but then thought better of it since there was no noise coming from the objects.

Mr. Smith concluded that the lights weren’t from an airplane either because the navigation lights on aircrafts are green and red and they flash. He was staring at orange lights without any beams.

Interestingly, another Cardwell resident, Phil Mulley and his wife Helen, saw the lights on two consecutive nights.

Instead of two lights, Mr. Mulley saw just one very bright light. He and his wife watched it for a few minutes when it disappeared in a cloud. The next night, his sister called and asked him to look outside where he saw two lights flying around.

Mr. Mulley said he knew of at least six or seven people who saw the bright, orange lights as well.

Sheryl Gottschall, President of UFO Research Queensland, couldn’t explain the lights but believes that there were extraterrestrials who visited Earth from time to time.

“I’ve been with this organization for 25 years and in that time I’ve spoken to 3,000 people who have seen strange lights and objects and to another 600 to 700 who have had close encounters.”

Mr. Smith and his son videoed the lights that they saw to prove to people that there was something not from the Earth flying above the village.

Is it possible that extraterrestrials have and are visiting our planet? There have been thousands of reports of strange lights flying above from all over the world. They’ve been seen in Russia, the US, Mexico, South America, Israel, and many other places. Could all these people be wrong or are humans so obsessed with the thought of aliens that they interpret every light in the sky as an alien spacecraft ready to land or beam them up to a mother ship?

There has been some evidence that aliens might have been interacting with humans as far back as the cavemen. Drawings of flying ships have been discovered on these cave walls. There are some who even think that cavemen didn’t discover fire on their own, but were given this gift by aliens.

All humans can do is to keep looking at the skies and wonder just what is going on outside of the solar system.

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