Season 5 ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Cast Announced

The cast of Celebrity Rehab, season 5 has been announced. Are you surprised by any of the names of the list? Are there any you can think of that should be on the list, but aren’t?

According to a report from Popeater, the following celebrities will appear on season 5 of the TV reality show starring Dr. Drew Pinsky.

First and foremost this season’s show will feature Michael Lohan. Father to Lindsay–need any more be said about this guy and why he’s on Celebrity Rehab? Can Dr. Drew do much to help him, given his crazy life featuring daughter Lindsay and ex-wife Dina? He could quite possibly be doomed.

Next there’s actress Sean Young, known for her role in Blade Runner. She also appeared on the very short-lived (and do you even have to ask why?) Skating With the Stars. Appearing on that show was likely more than enough to send anyone into a downward spiral.

Who doesn’t remember Amy Fisher–dubbed the Long Island Lolita? She shot her married boyfriend’s wife in the face when she was a teenager, spent years in jail and then emerged with a radio talk show. Talk about your past coming back to haunt you. Can a stint on Celebrity Rehab help this woman?

Steven Adler is a heroin addict from the band Guns ‘n Roses. He was actually fired from the band because of his addiction. Dr. Drew? Can you help this man?

Bai Ling starred in The Crow and made a number of guest appearances on Angel and Lost. Is she too lost for some help from Dr. Drew? That remains to be seen.

Since the premise of the show is to create survivors, where would it be without its own Survivor contestant? Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper appeared on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and was the first one to be voted from the island.

Jeremy Jackson starred in Baywatch, but left the show because of issues with drugs. It doesn’t appear as though he’s done much but drugs since leaving, so hopefully Celebrity Rehab is exactly where he needs to be.

And finally, rounding out the season 5 cast is retired baseball player Dwight Gooden. He played for the Mets and he played for the Yankees. Now he’s up against Dr. Drew, so hopefully he’s been practicing.

All kidding aside, it’s wonderful if and when a success story emerges from Celebrity Rehab. But given the fact that the celebrities are compensated rather handsomely for their appearances–are they really in it for the right reasons? Or does the money they earn simply buy them more drugs and booze when their stint in rehab is over?

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