Season of hope: House to vote on jobs, unemployment benefits extension bills this week

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This week the US House of Representatives is expected to pass bills on both a jobs creation package and an extension of the safety net for the unemployed, including a fix to the eligibility deadline for the federal unemployment extension and health care subsidies.

Democratic leaders expect the House to move on this legislation today. While the jobs bill will likely pass the House, the Senate is not expected to act on the bill until next year, given the pressing obligations of unemployment assistance and health care reform.

The bill concerning unemployment benefits extensions is to be attached to a Defense Department spending bill, which is necessarily must-pass legislation and could be signed into law by President Obama next week before the end-of-year recess.

Many Democrats would like a six-month extension for jobless benefits, although they are including a two-month extension for now to ease its passage through the upper chamber of Congress.

About half of the $150 billion cost will be paid for using unallocated TARP funds.

Will this legislation help you?

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