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Seasonal Superlatives Wednesday Writing Essentials


Black Friday Rant


One of my biggest pet peeves has to do with Black Friday.  We are supposed to be thankful on Thanksgiving, not spending our time in a store waiting for the Black Friday goods that become available now as early as 9pm on Thursday.  Instead of giving thanks people are running over each other, fighting each other for the one or two sale items the store has in stock, one woman even pepper sprayed other customers to get them out of her way.  And all of this is done for gifts for Christmas, a sacred holiday for many of us.  And a holiday that is more than a month away.


I don’t believe in putting up my tree at Thanksgiving, I will go shopping right after Thanksgiving but not on Black Friday.  I like to get my shopping done before the first of December when the stores start to get busy.  I usually shop for gifts during the year and am all done by Thanksgiving.  I do most of my shopping online. 


It is nice that people want to make the Christmas holiday longer but are they doing it for the right reason?  Do they want to celebrate the birth of Christ all month or do they want to celebrate the season, whatever that means?  I for one, think that putting up your decorations early causes undo stress on you children who have short attention spans and expect that if the decorations are up then Santa must be on his way. 


All in all, I feel that Black Friday and the emphasis on Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving takes away from both holidays and is wrong and should be stopped or moved closer to Christmas.  Along with it, I feel the need to have movies open on Thanksgiving and Christmas days is wrong and should be stopped.

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