SeaWorld Killer Whale Kills Trainer Intentionally or Accidentally? You tell me

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Orlando’s SeaWorld reopened today after a killer whale drowned a trainer on February 24, 2010. Apparently the 12,000 pound sea mammal grabbed Dawn Brancheau by her pony tail and dragged her underwater. Nearby employees sounded alarms and released nets, but unfortunately Brancheau had already drowned.

The whale, Tilikum, has been involved in two previous fatal incidents. Many reports have spectators claiming that because a whale is an animal, therefore the death was an accident.

I don’t agree.

Unlike other animals, whales and dolphins are extremely intelligent. Richard Keller, a marine conservationist from the American Museum of Natural History, says that whales are too smart to do this accidentally. “This was premeditated,” claims Keller, “For whatever whale reasons, the whale did this intentionally.”

If you’ve ever seen the dolphin documentary The Cove, you know that the apparent smile of a dolphin or whale is an illusion. Experts will indicate that animals often don’t like captivity, and mankind’s amusement is not a good enough reason to keep them in zoos and water parks.

Was this just a freak accident? Or are whales ultimately lashing out? Comment below.

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