Secede from the Nation – Is that the Answer?

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In a direct response to the reelection of President Obama, the White House Website Portal “We The People” received an influx of petitions requesting that 21 states be allowed to peacefully secede from the United States of America according to a report by 11 Alive WXIA.

Since its creation on November 10th, 2012, the petition on behalf of Georgia has received over 18,000 signatures making the outrage of the public a reality. Proof that people want their voices heard and are sick and tired of being led by a president that doesn’t represent their best interests.

With fraud and presidential cover-ups coming out of Washington on a steady basis it maybe the ideal time to cut the ties and do things the right way before they get any worse. Obama hasn’t damaged America beyond repair yet, but with 4 more years ahead of him and no election to worry about he has free rein to continue to destroy America.


There’s no point in going down with a sinking ship, people have the common sense to man the life boats – 21 to be exact and maybe more to come. Will you go down with the ship or cast your sails and depart from the rough waters? Now’s the chance to secede while others concede.

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