‘Secret Circle': Episode 2 Recap

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CW aired the second episode of its new series, Secret Circle, tonight. The vibe of this show is like Vampire Diaries—but with witches. Both shows are from creator Kevin Williamson. If you missed the Secret Circle pilot episode, read the recap here.

Things are getting messy between the witches. Cassie doesn’t want any part of the circle. Remember, she completes them, and with her, they can be super powerful. Of course, this also means they can use their power for evil. Bad girl Faye does this when she causes a crazy storm.

Cassie and Adam’s chemistry gets even stronger—which doesn’t bode well for nice girl Dianna, who is Adam’s girlfriend. Can she compete with a relationship that’s written in the stars?

Meanwhile, the parents of the secret circle gang are still up to no good. It seems that the principal of the school is behind everything and the ring leader. She has a crystal that is very mysterious and some of the other’s don’t want her to have it.

Everything comes to a head as Faye does magic and throws a girl off a boat. She almost dies, but the principal is there in the nick of time—with the crystal. The crystal heals the girl, but there’s still a mystery around whether or not she should have used it.

The kids in the Secret Circle realize how powerful their magic is with Cassie. Cassie finally agrees to officially join the circle.

An older guy finds the principal and tells her that he knows that she’s behind bringing the group together. He threatens to tell the elders that she’s practicing magic again. There’s obviously something bigger going on here. The evil woman gives him a heart attack. And guess what? It was her own dad!

What do you think of CW’s new show, Secret Circle?

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