Secret Circle: Episode 3 Recap

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Secret Circle, CW’s latest series about teen witches, aired it’s third episode. If you missed last week’s episode of Secret Circle, read the recap here.

So what happened this week in the world of the witches? Faye’s worried that she’s losing her powers. Seems like she’s not that happy about splitting her powers with the whole group.

Cassie’s in the group now – but she isn’t down with being friends with all these girls. The girl they hurt last week, Sally, is accidentally onto them. She remembers Faye giving her an evil stare right before she got hurt. Uh-oh!

Meanwhile, these parents are super shady. The principle and Diana’s dad are up to something bad.

Cassie asks new guy Luke to the dance but it’s pretty obvious she’s just doing it to make Adam jealous.

A creepy guy who says he knew Cassie’s mom quizzes Cassie about staying her. He knows who she is – a witch. When he grabs her arm, Cassie uses her powers and the guy says “I’m not going to let this happen again?” So what did happen with their parents? The witches realize that they have to stay together to use their magic now.

Cassie goes through old yearbooks and finds a photo of the creepy guy, Zachary Larson, with the girls’ parents. They were obviously friends. The parents talk about it – he knows something that they don’t want out.

Faye tries to do some magic but Zachary shows up to threaten her. Since she’s bound her circle she doesn’t have any power alone anymore.

It’s time for the big dance. Everything gets disrupted – most of all the moment between Cassie and Adam dancing – when they get called by Faye to help. Something about a girl named Heather Barnes keeps coming up – she was Zachary’s girlfriend and died in the fire with their parents.

Zachary attacks Cassie and they find out the truth – that Heather didn’t die. But something really bad happened to her. The secret circle ban’s together and magic takes over.

Cassie and Diana have a girl heart to heart about the boy drama. It looks like they might be able to be friends.

The parents do a crazy mark ritual that marks Zachary so he can’t come near the girls. Scary!

Are you liking the Secret Circle, CW’s latest series? Did you read the Secret Circle books – how is it living up?

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