‘Secret Circle’ Pilot Episode Recap

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CW’s new season is off to a great start with its new show, Secret Circle.

First off, a woman’s voice can be heard saying that this isn’t what she wanted for her daughter’s life. Starting out eerie already! Then we see Cassie (Britt Robertson) gets a flat tire. Her mom wants to come help her, but before she can, a scary looking man comes to the house and sets in on fire—screams are heard as she burns to death. Man, what a crazy way to start this show!

Cassie moves to her new town—where her mom grew up. She’s living with her grandma now, who seems super nice and loving. The two talk about how and why her mom never came home.

Cassie goes to close her bedroom curtains (which are super cute!) and sees a hot and shirtless guy across the way. They share a little smirk before she shuts them closed, annoyed. But the curtains open back up on their own. Yes, something weird’s going on here.

Cassie starts school and meets the principal—a woman who knew her mom. A couple of guys ask about the new girl; it seems they knew she was coming. Of course, one of them is hottie from across the window. Cassie meets a couple of girls who seem pretty cool; they tell her to stop by the boat house after school.

The owner of the Boat House, who’s also pretty hunky, tells Cassie that he loved her mom. He’s obviously a little drunk… and he tells her that their families are “written in the stars.” Meet the owner’s son, one of the cute guys from school that was asking about her. Cassie sits down with the girls—they all have one dead parent. Is this a pattern or random? The two girls watch Cassie leave and say that they don’t think “she knows.” They then proceed to set her car on fire! One of the girls thinks she can put out the fire, but she’s wrong. The owner’s son comes to her rescue, putting out the flames with his mind.

Cassie and this guy have a total connection… except in comes his girlfriend, Diana. And she’s super nice.

Diana goes to see Faye, who started the car far, to yell at her. She wants to do it her way, but Faye doesn’t want to take orders from her this time. There’s some major drama between these two.

Cassie runs into another guy who knew her mom—Diana’s dad. Meanwhile, Cassie’s grandma is onto something. She goes and talks to the principal of the school and asks if the “children are practicing.” It seems that all the adults used to practice witchcraft. And something bad definitely happened.

Diana takes her to an abandoned house, and to greet her are all the kids from school that she’s run into. They want to tell her who she is—a witch. They show her these books—each family has one, and it tells them their family history. Now for the big news: she’s the sixth witch and completes the circle. With her, they’re powerful.

Now for the bigger news: their parents were all part of the same circle. Something really bad happened, and it was covered up. They confirm that all of them lost a parent because of it. Cassie runs out, but Adam chases her. He helps her do a spell, and the two of them conjure up rain. And almost kiss! Uh-oh, someone’s in trouble with their girlfriend.

Resident bad girl Faye doesn’t want to control their magic. What does she want to use it for? And as predicted, Diana’s pissed that her man did magic with Cassie.

Cassie runs to Adam’s dad to find out why her mom left. He tells her that you can’t mess with fate, which is what her mom did when she left him. He also lets it slide that Cassie’s dad was a bad guy.

In a moment of good versus evil, Faye makes it storm. But it gets totally out of control, and the girls can’t make it stop. Until Cassie comes over and calmly says, “make it stop.” And she’s done it—she’s used her powers.

Diana’s dad comes to talk to Adam’s dad—or rather to threaten him. He drowns him with his powers for a minute so he knows what he’s capable of doing if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut. Scary!

Adam comes over to apologize for the near kiss. He tells her that he loves Diana and it can’t happen again.

The big reveal: the adults are in on it! They were the ones who brought Cassie here because she’s so powerful. They’re betting that “the secret circle” will take care of teaching her. Meanwhile, Cassie finds something in her mom’s old room: her mom’s journal. And there’s a letter to Cassie. We hear it read, and it’s the letter that we heard read in the beginning. Her mom says that this is her destiny, but she was trying to protect her. She ends it with saying, “people will come for you.” Watch out, Cassie.

What did you think of Secret Circle? CW does a nice job with these teen supernatural soaps. Will you tune in for Episode 2? One thing’s for sure—Britt Robertson is a total star.

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