‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’ Preview: Will Amy and Ben Reunite?

Secret Life of the American Teenager turned tragic last week as Ben and Adrian’s baby girl died. And now that their entire future has become a blank slate, what will happen to Ben and Adrian’s hasty marriage? And what will become of Amy and Ricky, who seem closer than ever?

File:Francia Raisa.jpgThere is a suggestion in the preview for tonight’s episode that maybe Ben isn’t completely over Amy. With Ricky having fallen head over heels for Amy also, where would that leave Adrian, who is at her most vulnerable?

The predictable course of action would be that Adrian and Ben realize they only married because they were having a baby. Before the one night that changed everything, Ben and Adrian weren’t even what you would call friends. Now their marriage will suffer and now Adrian’s competitiveness has come grinding to a halt. Adrian’s role on Secret Life of the American Teenager has always been her drive “to win” in the battle of the boyfriends. Now it no longer matters and she’ll realize just how stupid it all was to begin with.

It’s entirely possible as well that the competitiveness is what drove Amy to pursue Ricky as hard as she did. It’s pretty obvious she still has feelings for Ben but the real question is do Ricky and Adrian still harbor feelings for each other?

And now for the first time since Secret Life of the American Teenager began, there is a gap in pregnancies on the show which begs the question, who’s next? Madison and Grace are both good candidates at this point.

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