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I confess, I watched this new show last night.  I had no plans prior to watch it, it just happened to take the time slot of my wife's favorite show Bones, so we turned on the TV for Bones and there it was.  I came in about ten minutes in to the show and I was hooked from the moment I sat down.  My heart was wrenched by the good people and their hard work to do good things for themselves and their families and for others.  Their plight touched me, and I was also extremely pleased that these rich people had willingly volunteered to give away at least $100,000 of their own money to the people that they meet on the show.

Unfortunately, the cynic in me began to question as the second installment began.  The first man and his son had done a wonderful thing by giving this money to these people in need and I had felt great about it.  Having missed the beginning I didn't realize that the rich people had received what basically amounted to a free national commercial for whatever business enterprise they are involved with.  The second millionaire was the founder of Raising Cain's Chicken Fingers restaurants (which I had never heard of, but now I know all about), and they proceeded to go over the history of the business, how many stores there were in how many states, etc.

What do you think about this, I'm wondering if they really signed up for the show to really learn about the lives of those less fortunate then they, or if they just signed up for the national exposure that it would provide for their business?  Think about it, suddenly your business is known throughout the country, and people connect it with a good social conscience because you've gone and been all charitable and everything.  Just wondering.

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