‘Secret Princes’ Finale Recap: Salad—Did the Pudgy Prince Find Love?

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Secret Princes—the big reveal.

At the big Azalea ball in Atlanta, Sal was the only one wearing a waiter’s outfit and handing out champagne when people entered the ball. He said he was waiting on people so the girls wouldn’t suspect anything. The other three royals were in the back battling it out with rock, paper, scissors on who would go first, while waiting to be introduced. It was kind of odd that the biggest whiner in the group of royals would be put in that position. Maybe he lost an earlier game of rock, paper, scissors.

When Alison was introduced to the room, Sal gave her champagne, and wandered around the room alone.

For whatever reason, Your Pudginess changed into his royal garments later in the evening, and then took the stage. He asked his date to join him and announced his true identity to her with everyone watching. Uh, tacky much? She continued to be the sweetheart she has shown to be and took it with grace. She gave him a hug and agreed to go to India with him.

Sal just knew that she was the one for him. Um, didn’t he say the same thing about Camille?

India 3 Weeks Later

Your Pudginess was shown being waited on hand and foot by staff. It seemed like they did everything for him, but wipe his butt, and honestly, would that surprise you?

The interesting detail is that the palace in Balasinor was turned into an eight room hotel and camp site many years ago, but that wasn’t shown. It was seen as a palace. Ha! It’s not even rated in the top ten hotels in the state of Gujarat, India, where Balasinor is a small town. So, was that whole service act just a show for cameras?

Alison was given a royal welcome, and told it was only for people who were really, really important. Hmm, the reviews of the hotel show otherwise, but whatever.

She was handed over to “maidservants” to prepare her in more “Princess-y” attire to meet his parents for dinner. She said the traditional Indian garments made her feel more like a Princess, but she didn’t like that she was being placed above them because all people were equal. Good for her! You had to get past the glaring fact that Alison seriously needed to dye her roots before you could see how beautiful the clothes were.

The dinner with his parents was very uncomfortable, even though his sister, who has also appeared on a dating reality show, attempted to smooth it over somewhat.

Things went dramatically downhill when she asked his parents if they expected him to remain in India. She was told that not only was he expected to stay in India, but to continue to live with them. Yikes! She made it clear that she was a career woman who planned on living in the United States—and it wouldn’t be with her in-laws.

If possible, things went farther south when his mother asked Alison if she was a Christian. She acknowledged that she was not only a Christian, but followed her religion, like the good Southern girl that she was. Their family was Muslim.

Salad’s Mom and sister both revealed to the cameras they didn’t see Melissa as a good fit for the family.

On Alison’s last day in India, Salad took her to a small island to spend the day. At dinner, he gave her a necklace and spilled his feelings for her. When he revealed he was falling in love with her, she gulped down a big glass of water. She told him she enjoyed the pleasure of his company, and then put him in the friend zone. Shocker.

He was devastated and cried, which made her cry. He said he didn’t expect that to happen. Really? Did you expect it?

She tried to give the necklace back to him, but he insisted she keep it.

He announced the search for his princess was still on.

Does that mean a third Secret Princes reality dating show for him? If he opts for that route, the pudgy prince needs to learn some respect and humility. Do you think he’ll ever find his princess by dating on reality shows?

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