‘Secret Princes’ Recap: Rob—Did the Royal Underwear Model Find His Proper Lady?

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Secret Princes—the big reveal.

At the prestigious Azalea ball in Atlanta, Cisco, Ludo, and Rob were dressed in their royal garb waiting in the back to be introduced by their titles. For whatever reason, Your Pudginess was serving champagne to guests in the ball room. The three royals decided who would be the first to enter by playing rock, paper, scissors. Rob was the third to be announced with his royal title.

Jasmine questioned, “Lord?”

When he told her the truth, she had the best line of the night—”So, that’s why you were so bad at bussing tables?” Ha!

Europe 3 Weeks Later

Since Jasmine told Rob that she always dreamed of going to Spain, he arranged for them to visit his family vacation home in Spain.

They were thrilled to see each other again and celebrated with champagne. Then, he bundled her into his Lamborghini to set out for a romantic day out on the yacht. When she invited him to meet her family in Alabama, he said he couldn’t wait to eat fried green tomatoes. Ha! These two share a great sense of humor.

The next day, Rob took Jasmine to a photo shoot so she could see his real life as an underwear model. His best friend, Daniel, who was also his stepbrother, was there.

While Rob was out in the water pulling his trunks down and revealing his butt crack, Daniel told Jasmine that their family expected Rob to marry someone proper who went to Eton and played polo. She didn’t meet the pedigree, but he told her she had his seal of approval anyway.

After a wonderful few days together, Rob and Jasmine decided they wanted to continue their relationship. He asked her to extend her ticket and stay for a little longer, which she agreed to do. He also told her he would be willing to move to America for her. Wow. Did you see that one coming?

She was thrilled by his announcement and they looked forward to their future together.

Do you think the underwear model and his lady are still together or do you think they split after filming Secret Princes?

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