‘Secret Princes’ Recap–‘The Glass Slipper’

Secret Princes—living in America.

The show began with Salad rinsing his underwear in the sink. Cisco said he thought that was why he wasn’t allowed in the bathroom. No kidding. Is Your Pudginess so used to being waited on that he has a bedpan and someone to take care of it? Is that why he needed his own bathroom—to wash his soiled undies in the morning?

Blah, blah, blah, laundry. That’s how exciting the next segment was with them at the laundry mat.

Rob said they wanted to find some top quality, classy women.

So, they took their fake identities as minimum wage employees, and went to a dive bar.

One of the women at the bar did everything she could to get in front of the camera. She even danced with Your Pudginess and Ludo, but gave more attention to the camera than either one of them.

The next morning, Sal must’ve had his soiled undies in a wad. He was mad and freaking out because Ludo and Rob wouldn’t get up to go work their minimum wage jobs working as waiters. Ludo finally dragged his butt out of bed and went to work with Salad—late.

Back at the house, Rob was happy to realize he missed the wedding, because that gave him a free day. He found something to do with it once he found a box of fake bugs outside. He showed them to Cisco and the two of them spent their time decorating Sal’s bedroom with them. Too funny. Sal must be as terribly anal to live with as he seems if they are pulling those kinds of pranks on him.

Sal came home and bitched up a storm about his rotten day. Then, he was even worse once he went back to bed and found the bugs.

Rob said that Sal should have locked his back door when he left, and not just the front one. Oh, the images…

Cisco and Sal met Camille at the zoo the next day. On the way there, Sal went on and on about how he just knew she was the one. Once they arrived, they asked her to decide who she wanted to date. She chose Cisco. Shocker. Because what all-American girl would possibly choose an easy-going, gorgeous man over an entitled, self-centered, pudgy whiner, right?

Of course, he was terribly upset about being shot down for the first time ever. He was truly shocked. Whatever, Salad.

Cisco and Camille had a fun day at the zoo and he asked her for another date.

Rob took Jasmine to a juice bar for a disgusting shot of wheat grass. She said she gets to pick everything they eat from now on. Ha!

Ludo called Tristan, the girl he went out with last week, but she kind of blew him off. He was disappointed and not sure what happened.

Cisco and Rob found a dating site where four girls met with four guys for a group blind date. Rob had put on his profile that he was a dog whisperer. One of the girls was a dolphin trainer. Uh oh. Busted! He switched the subject and they hit it off, which made Sal sulk even more, because he was interested in her too.

Cisco made a connection with Erin, who had traveled extensively.

The next day, Salad had lunch with his co-workers from the dog grooming place. They had him role-playing to meet girls, and he actually made a real date with Hollie, his supervisor.

Rob met Molly for dinner and they talked a lot. She said she worked hard for her job and wanted someone ambitious who followed his dreams. Do you think Rob’s job as an underwear model qualifies?

Cisco went out with Erin and she interrogated him. It was hysterical to watch him trip over his words and almost reveal his true identity, especially when she pushed him because his story wasn’t adding up for her. She wanted to end his dating drought, but he found her exhausting.

When Sal and Hollie went out, she wanted public affection, but he didn’t like it. He said it was against the law in India. When they talked about her divorce, he told her she’d probably never marry again. Wow. The soiled underwear prince is a true charmer when undercover. Imagine how wonderful he is when he’s being his true self. Some girl is going to be one lucky princess. Would you sign up for the position, even if you knew he was a prince?

Since Sal wasn’t having any luck with dating, Rob suggested he meet with a matchmaker. Ooh, can you imagine what Patti Stanger would say to him? Wouldn’t you love to see that conversation?!?

The guys went to church and Sal sat there with tears running down his cheeks. He told the camera that he didn’t want to be unsuccessful, but he didn’t see it working for him. Hmm, maybe he needs an attitude adjustment?

Cisco took Camille to see the view of Atlanta and they had a conversation about how she’d like him to stay in Atlanta. Then, he took her for a picnic—at night. They shared some nice kisses and he told the camera that he liked her more each time he saw her. He also said she was the only girl from Atlanta he could see himself with and just might take her back to Spain with him. Awww.

Do you think it will work out between Cisco and Camille? Do you think Sal and Ludo will find someone while they are undercover on Secret Princes?

Photo source: TLC

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