Secret Princes Recap: The Royal Invitation

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Secret Princes—dating in America.

Salad took Rob’s advice and went to see a matchmaker, since he kept striking out with women in America. He gave her a list of desires and deal breakers. She told him he needed to ditch the jewelry and get his teeth fixed. He refused to change his physical appearance.

The guys went to a nail salon to help Ludo and Sal hunt for women. A blonde walked in and Cisco gave Ludo tips to hit on her. Ludo was shy and wouldn’t even look at her. Cisco said something to her for him. Ludo eventually went and asked her for her number.

The matchmaker called Salad with a potential match for him. He met Alison at a yacht club. She was a beautiful attorney who met all of his requirements. Sure, because every matchmaker would put an entitled tub of lard who makes minimum wage with someone like her. Do you think the matchmaker was clued into what he was doing in America? What about the girl?

On their first date, he told her he couldn’t afford the entire $13 bill and asked her to split it with him—just to prove she wasn’t there for his money. Sure, because every attorney is after a dog groomer who makes minimum wage for his money. That was a little much, don’t you think?

Camille had a big secret for Cisco. She invited him to her place and introduced him to her precious, three-year-old daughter, Joselyn. It was a big deal for her and only did it because she saw their relationship going forward. He embraced the situation and still wanted a future with Camille.

Ludo took Melissa, the girl he met at the nail salon, to a bar for their date—and challenged her to an arm wrestling competition. Okay then. Classy. Then again, she showed up with threads stringed together and called them jeans, so maybe it was just her style. They seemed very uncomfortable together, and she was even texting people instead of talking to him. Yah, that’s a great start for a relationship, but he swore she could be his princess. More like someone to take home so he doesn’t look like a loser who couldn’t find anyone in America. Why didn’t he go to the matchmaker with Salad? He’s so adorkable and needs to find someone who compliments him. Someone with class.

Rob took Jasmine swimming with sharks. He was torn between choosing her or Molly, the other girl he had been dating.

Salad met Alison at a restaurant that specializes in southern cooking. He was actually sweet and showed up with flowers for her. His religion prohibited him from eating pork, and everything she wanted to try had pork in it. He agreed to try it. Wow! Were you shocked? He asked her about her fairytale date and she told him it was a ride in a hot air balloon, but said she was scared of heights.

Back at the house, Cisco shared that Camille had a daughter with the other guys. They also talked about what girl they wanted to take home with him and how they were going to do their big reveal. Cisco wanted to do it soon because it was getting harder and harder to hide his true identity from Camille. He didn’t want to lose her.

Rob took Molly for a date at the botanical gardens. He was still torn between the two of them.

The guys met again and they gave Ludo a tough time about finding someone so they could do their big reveal. They were ready to put their secret identity to an end. They pushed him to take things farther with Melissa. They also decided they were going to do their big reveal at an upcoming, upscale ball.

Salad took Alison for a hot air balloon ride. She was scared of heights, so he put on a brave face for her, even though he was also scared. After the ride, they shared mimosas and he invited her to the ball. He told her that he’d be working, but would spend as much time with her as he could. She accepted. Were you surprised to see the whiny, self-centered prince behave so attentively toward Alison?

Ludo decided to invite Melissa to the ball. Since she had been feeling unwell and couldn’t see him (riiiighhttt), he slipped the invitation under the door.

Rob decided whom to invite to the ball. He invited her for a rooftop date, but only showed the viewers her legs and feet. It was Jasmine! He told her he was working at a fancy event and asked her if she would be there for him. She agreed to be there.

Cisco arranged a date for Camille in a gazebo. He arranged to have his favorite Spanish wines and cheeses to give her a taste of his life in Madrid. She asked him if he missed it there. He told her that she made him miss it even less. He told her that he was going to be working at an elegant ball and told her he scored a ticket for her, if she wanted to go. She accepted and was grateful that he thought of her.

Do you think any of the girls will be livid when they learn that the guys have been lying to them the entire time and are actually Secret Princes? Do you think any of these relationships have a chance to make it after the show? Share your thoughts in comments!

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