‘Secret Princes’ Season Premiere Recap: Princes Turned Paupers

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Secret Princes—from princes to paupers.

Four royals from other countries came to America, specifically Atlanta, Georgia to find true love. The twist is they have to live in a shabby house, work for minimum wage, and live as average guys without revealing their titles and money.

Lord Robert Walters was the first to arrive and claimed the largest bedroom with the bathroom. The hot underwear model wants a girl who doesn’t want him for his title.

Prince Salauddin Babi of India was the next to arrive. He made a big deal about how pampered he is and obviously likes sitting on his butt with others waiting on him. The pudgy prince wants to meet someone like Anne Hathaway—slim with long hair. Sure, because a beautiful, healthy woman can’t wait to get their arms around an entitled, self-centered tub of lard making minimum wage. It’s every American girl’s dream.

Salauddin, who goes by Salad, ironically enough complained about lifting his bags and had trouble getting them up the stairs. Oh, so he probably expects that super hot girl to do all the work and service him in bed too because he has no stamina or strength. And, also because he’s a prince after all. But he still swears he doesn’t want a girl for his title.

Salad also had a fit because his bedroom didn’t have a bathroom. He claimed a bathroom that wasn’t near his room and refused to share it with anyone else, because it’s something he’s never done before.

Honourable Ludovic Watson of Houghton Hall arrived third. He wanted to meet a girl like Jennifer Garner—tall, slim, sweet, and low-maintenance. He seemed very sweet and down to earth. He also claimed to be a Mommy’s boy and was completely adorkable.

Prince Francisco of Spain was the last to arrive and was given the crappiest room. The sexy, yet humble prince had the attitude to handle it with grace and humor. Although he planned on changing the bathroom situation because his room was closer to the bathroom than Salad’s, who claimed it.

Right off, the princes started a pissing match as to who had the highest title. Francisco thought it was absurd and didn’t want any part of it.

They all decided to come up with different names. Robert decided to go by Tate, because he liked the name and last name Morgan after Dexter Morgan, the serial killer. Francisco promised to keep his door locked at night. Francisco decided to go by Cisco. Ludovic wanted to become Waldo. They teased him that it was the uncoolest name ever, but he stuck with it. Salad wanted to go by Salad or Sal.

The guys went out to a club the first night and stood out in their suits. They decided they needed to go shopping and blend in with everyone else for their mission to be successful. They also came up with an undercover story of being there for a conference as paper salesmen.

The next day, they guys were talking about women. Sal talked about arranged marriage and how his parents wanted him have one. He said if he didn’t find someone here, he would probably have to go through with it when he returned home. Unless the pudgy prince learns some humility and respect for others, he just may have to settle for a princess or royal his parents pick out for him. No confident American girl is going to tolerate his unhealthy body and condescending attitude, unless they like the camera following him around and want their 15 minutes of fame any way they can get it. Your Pudginess is used to his title and what it entitles him. Yet, he wants someone to love him for who he is?

They went shopping for clothes to blend in and picked up the sales clerks’ numbers too. When they went to the grocery store, they talked to the clerk about where to go and told them they were in town for a conference on paper. She told them she needed paper and they found themselves in a hysterical mess. Needless to say, they had to go back to their shabby house and come up with another undercover plan.

They came up with the plan that they were making a Canadian documentary where guys from other countries came to America to make it on their own. They decided to cut themselves off from their money and get jobs.

Rob (Tate) and Waldo went to work as waiters in a tavern. Rob spent more time taking breaks and hitting on the girls that worked there than he did working. Waldo was worried they were going to get fired from it because everyone else was working.

Cisco and Your Pudginess took jobs at a dog grooming place and had to clean up dog poo. YP made a big deal about how he had a dog, but someone else cleaned up after it.

That night the guys went speed dating. None of the girls were impressed with Your Pudginess. Cisco met a fitness aficionado and asked her to kick his butt. Ha! They made a date for the next day. Waldo met an easy-going girl who made him smile, but she preferred Rob, who asked her for a date. Waldo was disappointed and looked like he was going to cry.

Cisco went out on his date the next day and she kicked his butt!

Who is your favorite royal? Do you think Your Pudginess will learn some humility and respect in America? Do you think the guys will be successful in their minimum wage jobs? Do you think the Secret Princes will find girls who love them for who they are?

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