Secret Princes—The Princely Paupers—Friends or Cockblockers?

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Secret Princes—the princely paupers have jobs, a story, and are ready to mingle.

Salad woke up first. Although Your Pudginess probably didn’t jump out of bed, he made his way to the kitchen before anyone else. He examined the coffee pot and made a phone call to India to learn how to use it. He made a big deal about how he usually has breakfast in bed. Eventually he gave up and decided to purchase a cup of coffee somewhere else.

That day, Rob, Sal, and Ludo worked as waiters at an expensive, upper class wedding. Rob wasn’t fond of the rented tux shirt and preferred his tailored clothes.

Cisco had a date with Matalynn, the fitness fanatic who kicked his butt in last week’s episode. He invited her to a small, quiet bar where they could talk. They talked easily and had a great time—until she told him she was divorced. He was Catholic and wanted to be married in the church. Other than that, he thought she was perfect for him. However, given she had been married, he didn’t think he should pursue her relationship for the sake of his family.

After the three guys didn’t pick up any women at the wedding reception, they decided to go to a bar to look for their princesses.

Sal met someone, who flirted with Rob when he asked them if they wanted a drink. He asked her if she was interested in Sal, but she said she preferred him. Sal felt cockblocked.

Back at the house, Sal confronted Rob about stealing his woman. Rob said he was just being friendly. This is the second time he’s done that to one of the guys. Do you think he’s trying to prove something?

Rob thought the gym was the best place to pick up girls and took Ludo with him. He met a girl and introduced her to Ludo. Rob took her number, but it wasn’t clear if it was for himself or Ludo. Rob asked the girl at the reception desk for her number, and she gave it to him.

Cisco thought they had a better shot at meeting someone at the doggie grooming place. Sal liked Hollie, who was a sales associate there, and wished he could tell her he was a prince. He said picking up poo is something he would never do, but he might do it for his pretty boss.

Rob called the gym receptionist from the bar and asked her to meet him for drinks and bring a friend for Ludo. She agreed, but never showed up and didn’t even answer her phone when he called her repeatedly. Ludo thought it was poetic justice, after what Rob did to him and Sal.

Rob thought it had been a lame night, and after sitting there for three hours, they decided to leave. Until he saw a blonde sitting by herself at the end of the bar. He approached her and sat down. He invited her to go to a quieter place in the bar and talk.

Jasmine told him he worked she worked in pharmaceutical sales and wanted to be a princess when she was little girl. She said she studied English literature in college, which opened up an entirely new conversation for them. They talked easily, and she gave him her number. He decided the night wasn’t a total disaster after all.

Ludo decided that riding bikes would be a great way to meet girls. He convinced Sal to go with him to a bike shop and find a good bike.

Ludo met someone there and asked her for his number.

Rob met Jasmine on the tennis courts. She said she hadn’t played since she was 13, but would be willing to give it a try. He gave her some tips and liked that she gave it an effort and didn’t give up. He thought it showed a lot about her character.

They sat in the park and talked a bit and he invited her to go to the aquarium with him. She accepted and he said he’d call her.

Ludo called the girl had met at the bike shop and made a date. He was relieved that she showed up for the date when she was late. They met in a burger joint and talked easily. She said she wanted to go out with him again.

Salad complained that he was the only one who hadn’t gone on a date. Maybe that should tell him something about his personality and character.

They four guys decided to have a barbecue for Memorial Day. Salad looked up online to find out more about it. He wanted it to be perfect. They others teased him and said they would be fine if they bought some food, drinks, and invited some people. He took it seriously and refused to attend the barbecue. Then, he changed his mind because he wanted it to be successful. Yes, as if the success of their barbecue was dependent on the presence of Your Pudginess.

Salad and Ludo went to the grocery store, while Rob and Cisco visited neighbors and invited them.

Salad did all the grilling, while the others socialized and flirted. He went inside and one of the girl’s followed him. They sat on the couch and talked. He asked her when she’d be free and she told him Wednesday or Thursday. Then, Camille went outside and met Cisco.

Sal overheard Camille talking with Cisco and decided to put a stop to that immediately, so stepped forward and invited her to the zoo. She in turn, invited Cisco. Sal asked when she could go and said that Cisco was working and couldn’t go then. That’s when Cisco realized a situation was brewing.

Do you think Cisco should pursue Camille or leave her for Salad? Read here next week about how things play out for the threesome on Secret Princes.

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