See Charlize Theron’s Wedding Dress Made From Bones for ‘SWATH’ (Video)

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Charlize Theron is getting married!

Well, the actress isn’t tying the knot in real life, but she will get to take part in an amazing wedding in her new movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Today, tons of new videos focusing on the film have been released, including a look at some of the Colleen Atwood costumes that Charlize and Kristen Stewart will wear.

Kristen’s SWATH costume is a bit boring – she seems to be stuck wearing the same dirty half-dress paired with leather pants and boots during most of the movie before she gets her protective armor. But of course it’s not Snow White’s fault that her wardrobe is so limited – she didn’t exactly have time to pack when she had to flee from the evil heart-hungry queen.

Luckily, Charlize Theron will get to rock some pretty amazing frocks in the movie to make up for the princess’ lack of fashion. Ravenna’s sharp-edged crown is certainly her crowning glory – it resembles a bunch of daggers perilously perched on top of her head. However, her gowns are just as sinister – she has one dress made from the horns of stag beetles and another made of beetle wings, but it’s her wedding dress that really screams “death.” The gown that the Evil Queen gets married in features collars on the sleeves that appear to be made out of bones. It’s not a design that most brides would want to wear on their wedding day, but it certainly suits the sorceress.

Charlize Theron also gets to wear a cape covered in feathers that features two giant wings on the collar. In Snow White and the Huntsman, Ravenna can turn into a flock of ravens when she wears the cape.

Hopefully Kristen Stewart will also get the chance to wear some medieval couture in the movie – after all, Snow White does eventually have to get cleaned up so that she can become the fairest in the land (and hopefully her character will get married in a one-of-a-kind wedding dress, too).

You can check out a look at the SWATH costumes in the video below, which also shows the armor that the two armies wear and Chris Hemsworth’s organic huntsman costume.

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