See Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth Together in the ‘Red Dawn’ Trailer (Video)

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Josh Hutcherson is one lucky guy—The Hunger Games star has had the chance to work with both hot Hemsworth brothers.

Liam Hemsworth avoided having to fight in The Hunger Games, but Chris Hemsworth won’t be so lucky in Red Dawn—in the movie remake, a group of teens team up to try and save their American town from invading North Korean soldiers.

The original Red Dawn had the teens defending their turf from the Soviet Army, and the invading soldiers in the remake first started out as being Chinese. However, filmmakers feared that making the bad guys Chinese would hurt ticket sales overseas. Obviously that’s not an issue in North Korea.

In the trailer it’s revealed that Chris Hemsworth plays a marine who leads a group of teens dubbed the Wolverines against the invaders. Matt Peck plays his brother, while Josh Hutcherson stars as another member of their group. The movie also features Isabel Lucas, Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Adrianne Palicki.

The trailer doesn’t look very promising, but audiences might overlook the cliché cheesiness because of the cast—Josh’s “Peetaphiles” might want to see him in action mode again, and fans of The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman could follow Chris to the theater.

The movie could end up being terrible, but maybe it will spark an interesting casting idea. Chris is one of the fan favorites for the 50 Shades of Grey movie, so perhaps he could play Christian Grey with one of his Red Dawn costars playing the billionaire’s sex slave. Immortals beauty Isabel Lucas would make a gorgeous Anastasia Steele, and Adrianne Paliciki might also be an option (the Wonder Woman actress does have a little experience with cuffs and rope).

Sadly a lot of eye candy and few more 50 Shades of Grey casting ideas might end up being the best things about Red Dawn, but feel free to check out the trailer below to see what you think.

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