See Kaitlyn Leeb, the Three-Breasted Woman From ‘Total Recall,’ at Comic-Con (Video)

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Kaitlyn Leeb might not be as well-known as her sexy Total Recall costars Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale, but the equally-lovely actress is certainly winning her fair share of fans by playing the infamous three-breasted prostitute in the remake of the 1990 sci-fi flick.

The original mutant hooker was played by Lycia Naff, and she became quite a cult legend because of her very small role. In the movie she tries to get Arnold Schwarzenegger’s business by opening up her blouse and showing him what she has to offer.

Kaitlyn’s role appears to be nearly identical, but since this Total Recall will be PG-13, she’s probably not going to bare it all for Colin Farrell. And hopefully she’ll end up with a better post-Total Recall movie career than her predecessor did—Lycia Naff only won a few small TV roles here and there after her claim to fame.

Kaitlyn Leeb definitely captured the crowd’s attention at Comic-Con, where she actually appeared in her three-breasted prostitute costume. It consisted of a futuristic red dress, black boots, and a see-through plastic coat, with nothing but a strip of red material covering her nipples. Unfortunately for cosplayers, it’s probably going to be extremely hard to replicate the very realistic look of her prosthetic breasts.

Relatively-unknown actress Kaitlyn was lucky to win the role—director Len Wiseman originally encouraged his wife Kate Beckinsale to play the part when he didn’t think that she would be available for one of the larger roles. Kate says that she’s glad she didn’t end up with the role because her 8-year-old daughter would be extremely embarrassed by her mother playing a three-breasted hooker.

Kaitlyn Leeb’s beauty and her iconic sci-fi role will probably make male fans wish that they had three hands, but it could also spark a debate over whether or not three breasts are a good thing. Some fanboys might believe in the old saying “the more the merrier,” while others could argue that an extra mutant breast is just a little too freaky for them. But they’ll probably all agree that Kaitlyn is a very stunning woman who deserves plenty of future film roles.

You can see Kaitlyn wowing the crowd at Comic-Con below.

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