See Miley Cyrus Star in her First Sex Scene in ‘LOL’ (Video)

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A few clips from Miley Cyrus’ new movie LOL: Laughing Out Loud have hit the web, and it’s obvious that she’s trying to leave her squeaky-clean Disney image far behind. But unfortunately Liam Hemsworth might feel a little uncomfortable when he checks the movie out – Miley stars in her first sex scene in the film.

Miley plays a teen named Lola with a wild streak that her poor mother just can’t seem to tame. Demi Moore stars as her mother, a single mom who gets very upset when her daughter throws a party at her home. This casting choice seems a little strange when recent events are taken into consideration – Demi apparently loves to party just as much as Miley.

In one scene Demi’s character finds a used condom rapper taped in her daughter’s diary in order to commemorate a sexual encounter. The clip cuts to Lola having sex with a guy named Kyle (Douglas Booth). But don’t worry – Miley leaves her bra on to make sure that LOL gets a PG-13 rating. Lola’s mom also finds a photograph of her daughter kissing another girl in the diary.

The movie looks a lot like Thirteen – that film was also about a mother (Holly Hunter) dealing with a rebellious daughter (Evan Rachel Wood). However, this one might not get as much critical acclaim.

In the film Miley Cyrus will also be seen doing drugs, throwing parties, and failing school, so she basically plays a kid that gets involved with the wrong crowd. Her character also plots to hook up with her boyfriend’s best friend after she gets dumped.

In addition to dealing with a wild child, Lola’s mom is trying to move on after a divorce. So watching this movie might be tough for Demi Moore – she’s currently having a hard time coping after her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, and she’s got teen daughters of her own to worry about. So in a way her life has imitated art.

According to the Huffington Post, Miley Cyrus eloquently called her new role “pretty gnarly.” She’s also relieved that she’s not just playing the “happy girl” anymore.

You can check out two clips from LOL below – Miley shares screen time in the movie with a few hunky costars, so hopefully Liam Hemsworth doesn’t get too jealous.

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