See the Real-Life Anime Girl Named Fukkacumi

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A real-life anime girl has become the latest internet sensation.

YouTube makeup videos are extremely popular with girls today – they can watch skilled artists transform themselves into celebrities like Angelina Jolie, or they can marvel at young women who use cosmetics to camouflage severe cases of acne. However, some YouTube stars are taking their obsession with transforming themselves to the extreme by using makeup to become living Barbie dolls or cartoon characters.

One of these girls is a Ukrainian 19-year-old named Anastasiya Shpagina. She’s so obsessed with becoming a Japanese anime character that she’s even given herself a Japanese name – Fukkacumi.

Anastasiya uses contact lenses, white eye makeup, and lots of eyeliner to make her eyes appear much bigger than they actually are. Lady Gaga has used similar methods in the past, and her wide-eyed “Bad Romance” look helped to popularize potentially dangerous circle contact lenses similar to those Anastasiya wears (no doubt they’ll still be popular this Halloween).

Just like Lady Gaga, real-life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina has used her unusual look to gain a huge fan following. But Fukkacumi doesn’t just pose as anime characters – she shows her fans how to copy her look. So who knows? Maybe anime eyes will become the next big fashion trend with teens.

But Anastasiya’s fans probably aren’t just teen girls – there are tons of men who are obsessed with anime characters. In Japan some fans “date” their favorite characters by having their likenesses printed on body pillows, and there have even been a few fans who have married their animated obsessions. So the Fukkacumi probably has her fair share of stalkers.

Just in time for Halloween, you can check out Anastasiya’s flower fairy tutorial below – it’s shocking how different her makeup-less eye looks from the finished product.

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