Seedling Transplant

Well, my “Pink Polka Dot” plant has sprouted, and the seedlings have been thriving.  They were starting to feel a little crowded in their tiny little terrarium pot.

Yesterday I spent about $5 on a pot to transplant them into.  Since it was originally a $15 pot I thought it wasn’t too bad of a deal.

I almost hated to transplant the seedlings, since they were living, and I am afraid anything I do to them will kill them.

But they really were getting too big for their tiny pot, and my mother in law, who has a much better track record than I do with growing stuff, told me what to do to transplant them.  I do want them to grow up to be healthy houseplants.

Parker, however, was less than interested in transplanting seedlings.  Being outside he thought we should be playing on the swingset.

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