Seeds are for Planting!


When my sons were one and three years old, we began planting seeds and small plants in hanging baskets on our porch.  Watching the flowers and fruits begin to sprout was a wonderful family activity.  My little guys would get so excited to run out and check the progress of all of our plants!  I would go into their rooms in the morning to get them up and dressed for the day and find them standing at the window, peering out to see if they could catch a glimpse of anything new and exciting! 

Although I thought that their excitement would wear down after a while, that was most certainly not the case.  I felt very proud that they were so excited about their plants still.  Though, it shouldn’t have surprised me.  My boys have always been so in love with the outdoors!  On rainy days they cried about not being able to play outside, so why wouldn’t they be thrilled about growing things?

A few weeks into the spring, I noticed that their collection of small race cars was dwindling.  After a search under the couches and beds, I was thoroughly puzzled.  Where were all of these tiny cars going?  They couldn’t just disappear, could they?

I got my answer the next day.  As I tended to the plants, I watched out of the corner of my eye as my boys ran to a corner of the yard with their little toy watering cans.  I followed them over to see what they were doing.  As they watered the dirt, I asked what was planted in this barren corner of our yard.  My three year old then informed me that they had planted a fair amount of their racecars, hoping for more to sprout!

As we dug up a dozen or so muddy racecars, my boys were a bit disappointed to learn that small plastic toys would not sprout a racecar tree, no matter how fabulous it may sound.  Thankfully, this didn’t deter their excitement about the real plants we were growing!  Even if I did find a racecar or two sitting in the hanging basket, next to a small plant.  (Hey, even baby plants need toys, right?)



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