Seeking Rec's for Great food in the Midwest

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Hi all.

Exciting news.  The 1st book has been such a success the publisher has asked me to do a sequel. So I'm returning to ask y'all for more recommendations.

Gather members were a big help in finding stories for A Cook's Journey, so I'm hoping that folks will once again chime in with names and places, food and farms all over the Midwest. I seek people who "wall the walk" of Slow Food ideals, whether they are actual members of the movement or not.

From Ohio to Oklahoma to North Dakota and all points in between, the new book will be packed with images and stories stories of the people who feed us well. Chefs, farmers, ranchers, cheesemakers winemakers, brewers, bakers, etc. etc., anyone and everyone who produces and/or promotes Good, Clean, Fair food.  Not necessarily fancy food, not necessarily simple food.  Simply REAL food.

Drop a suggestion here, or join my Facebook group for the purpose here. I can't wait to hear from you all!


"In the long view, no nation is healthier that its children, or more prosperous than its farmers."

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