SEIU, ‘Dirty Jobs’ and ‘Obama Phones': Romney Rally Fun!

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Are these some of the jobs created by President Obama? Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members were paid $11 an hour to protest against GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney while he held a roundtable discussion on jobs in Bedford, Ohio. Romney was joined on stage by the host of hit Discovery Channel program Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe.

The protestors, most wearing their trademark purple shirts, carried signs with “SEIU for Obama 2012″ or “Romney” crossed out in red pen. Several members readily admitted to a cameraman they were being paid for being there, until their representative showed up and shuffled them back into the picketing line! One woman said that the union folks picked them up from around the community and that others were being paid to go door-to-door. This is nothing new for the union group; back in March, a video caught a group of women decked out in purple union gear protesting in D.C. talking about how much they were getting paid.

Another video from the same event is racking up views pretty fast. One of the protestors says she’s voting for Obama because of the “free phones.” She’s talking about a $1 billion publicly funded program that provides cellphones and landlines to low-income people. The phones aren’t emergency call only; they are often full-on smartphones and come with about 250 minutes per month. The woman says, “Everybody in Cleveland low minority gotta Obama phone. Keep Obama in president, you know. He gave us a phone, he gonna do more.” (sic)

The Obama Campaign’s “Truth Team” is already trying to distance themselves from the woman. They threw her under the proverbial campaign bus, likely embarrassing her, when they tweeted:

TruthTeam2012 *Discounted phone services are provided through telecom companies, ‘the President has nothing to do with it.'”

More information about the free phone program: HERE.

*More information about the Universal Service Fund:HERE.


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