Seize the Day

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The weekend is here and many of us are planning vacations, weekend trips or family backyard cook outs.  Whatever you have going on I wish it much success and many smiles throughout.

Last week I wrote about Happiness and many components that make up a solid foundation. I hope you read them and take time to reflect on your own joy and gratitude level. They are the bookends of our happiness. We are the captain of our vessel, and if we only seize the day and make the very best effort to make a difference with our selves and others we will steer well through easy waters and rough stormy waters.



Dream as if you’ll live forever.  Live as if you’ll die today.  ~James Dean

A quote worth reflecting on this weekend and store in the front corner of our soul.  So when we reflect in our quiet moments we can and will remind ourselves.

Dream, dream big and share your dreams with yourself daily.  Live each day as if you’ll die today, be grateful for the moments we all have. Be grateful for the loved one and show them the appreciation for being in your life.  We often for whatever reason take our loved ones for granted, we often put off that extra touch for later, or kind word of appreciation to tomorrow and rush through the time it would take to give a sincere smile.
Why?  We count on tomorrow maybe, we are wrapped up in our moments? Hard to say really but if we all just take a moment each morning to reflect on what is good and great in our life maybe we would propel our self in the right direction throughout the day.
So Captain, My Captain? What are you going to do now?  Whatever you do and however you do it Seize the Day!  Live with gratitude and about all Smile!

I share with you now a video that has a great message and some great movie quotes.  Nicely put together and I hope you enjoy!


Till next time Seize your moment and Smile!   : )

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