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“When my fingers trace

your most delicate arch

run gingerly and freely

over every curve and valley

This is where I find peace..”


He whispered each word

as if it were his last

as if his bones

were being left

white and vulnerable

in the heat of the desert

as if his heart was

left to languish in the midday

exposed in a sharpened sky


I felt each letter etched

into my spine as I inched

closer to his craving

I wanted to smell his hunger

taste his aching thirst

move him to the edge

where the sun kisses the earth


“You know where to find me

here in the soft spaces of the air

there in the quiet place in your mind

wherever you are, I am there”








Whetstone – I’d like to know if the dialogue adds to, or takes away, from the poem.

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