Selena Gomez Acted Giddily In Love Before Justin Bieber ‘Kiss-Cam’ Date

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Selena Gomez was in an ecstatically talkative mood about her date with her “Boyfriend” boyfriend, Justin Bieber before their PDA-saturated date at a Lakers game on April 17. During the date, the famous couple was caught on the kiss-cam. Awww. What’s even more “awww”-inspiring was the fact that, according to inside sources, the Spring Breakers star was itching to leave the Dancing With The Stars set right after her performance because she was so excited about her date with JB.

Haters who said Jelena wouldn’t last are no doubt mumbling “Curses! Foiled again!” as they eat their words. After over a year of dating, Jelena is still going strong. In fact, they’re actually more in love than ever as evinced by Selena’s giddy, girlish behavior before her hot date and her inability to stop gossiping about it.

“Selena was very eager for the date and excited about it and talked about it before and after her performance,” revealed an insider at Dancing With The Stars. “She left almost immediately after, talking about a big date she had that night, that she had to get to.”

Of course, no one at DWTS was surprised to learn that La Gomez’s hot date was with Justin Bieber. The teen lovebirds have been joined at the hip for some time. And not even Jelena haters were surprised to see the second most famous couple in the world “sitting court side at a Lakers’ game, where [they] smooched without a care that anyone and everyone was watching.” That attitude of openness about their love is one of the many things Selena loves about the Biebs. She’s often said that her ex Nick Jonas wanted to hide her away from the public eye and keep their relationship a secret–almost as if he was ashamed of her. It’s very important to Selena to “be with someone else who will be completely normal about a relationship and not worry about hiding out because of her or their celebrity status.” In other words, someone like Justin Bieber.

So, ten years from now, will the world see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber getting engaged and planning a wedding like their older counterparts Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? It’s certainly possible–kids and all.

You, go, Jelena. You too, Brangelina.

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