Selena Gomez Admits that Justin Bieber’s Fans Get to Her Sometimes

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The stress of dating one of the most famous pop stars in the world is starting to get to Selena Gomez. The young beauty admits that the hatred and torments get to her sometimes.

Selena Gomez has been the target of numerous death threats since beginning her relationship with Bieber. The Biebs has some pretty passionate fans and they are furious that he seems to be enthralled with another woman.

Gomez opened up about the hostility in a recent interview. She said, “The negativity is very uncomfortable. I mean, like, everybody goes through it if they’re in high school. Someone might bully you or say mean things — it’s just a part of growing up — but when the whole world has an opinion on you and says things when they don’t even know you, it’s harsh. It gets to me sometimes.”

Although it must be rough for her, she seems to be handling the stress well. She and Justin have been living it up on a PDA-filled trip to Hawaii. Only today, a photo of Justin giving his ladylove a foot rub hit the Internet.

The Disney star is determined to take the high road. She explains, “Ultimately, if you fight back, they’re winning. I know it’s hard, but let it slide and it’ll eventually go away.” Good for her! You hear that, Selena Gomez haters? She isn’t going anywhere, so lay off the poor girl!

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